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A Leading Manufacturer and Supplier of Silicone Molds

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  • High quality wooden furniture

    custom silicone mold services

    Madmolds provides high quality custom solution for silicone molds. We work with big and small companies to accomplish the project at high end. No minimum quantity requirement.

  • Popular digital electronic products

    High quality addition-cure silicone mold rubber

    High-quality addition-cure silicone mold rubber is versatile, used for skin-safe prosthetics, orthotic devices, culinary molds, and effects. It's certified safe for direct skin contact and food use.

  • Textile peripheral products

    the silicone mold for candle

    We pride ourselves on our quality molds, made from durable, flexible, and reusable materials. Whether perfecting your technique or designing your next collection, Silicone-Mould has everything you need to ensure you're well-equipped for your projects.

  • Beautiful and practical tableware

    Silicone Mold

    Elevate your baking with our incredible silicone molds! Perfect for intricate designs like chocolates, flowers, and cupcakes, they make decorating desserts a breeze. Get creative in the kitchen and elevate your baking today!

  • High quality wooden furniture

    High quality silicone mold

    We offer high-grade silicone molds for candles, cakes, soaps, gypsum, concrete, and more. Our customizable silicone mold production ensures top-quality results for your projects.
  • Popular digital electronic products

    3D printing service.

    For enhanced silicone mold customization and production, leverage our 3D printing services to streamline the process.

High quality wooden furniture

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